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Diamond Wire Cutting Services

Our company is specialized in Concrete, Rock and Steel cutting. Our process and our machines stand out for reliability, durability and productivity. "The tool of the future” for cutting reinforced concrete and other building materials.
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Concrete Cutting 

The cutting of concrete with diamond wire is the most versatile of all, because it allows the execution of cuts of any size and geometry, being able to replace the cut with diamond discs in almost all cases.

Compared to conventional technology, this technology produces much faster cutting, less noise and easy installation.

Rock Cutting

This machine is more efficient and precision for large cutting, making it easier for civil engineering.

The diamond wire saw cutting process is widely used for rock excavation because of it's high flexibility, high production rate, low noise level, low cost and high energy efficiency, particularly when compared to circular saws.

Steel Cutting

A new tool is presented with a cutting thickness half that of the best achieved in conventional tools.



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