About us

Our company is specialized in the Concrete, Rock and Steel cutting processes utilizing unique diamond wire saw equipment.


There are multiple benefits of using our services:

  •  Highly Efficient cutting

  •  Fast turn-around time

  •  Safe procedure

  •  Passive Process without the use of explosives

  •  Environmentally friendly

  •  More precisse cutting

What sets us apart in the marketplace is our excellence in Customer Service, we focus on total client satisfaction, and have an immense experience in the use of our exclusive equipment.

Being that there is little use of this equipment in construction, we offer this technique for cutting of ornamental rock, such as Granite and Marble, as well as with concrete. We're located in Oakland, CA.

We offer our services nationwide and are on call 7/24.

 Please, call us and send your worksite images for a free estimate and evaluation.

Address: 1357 E 28th St. Oakland, CA. 94606

Web: www.diamondwirecuttingservices.com

E-mail: info@diamondwirecuttingservices.com

Phone: +1 (415) 424 9934

Fax: +1 (415) 424 9934


1357 E 28th St
Oakland, CA 94606


Email: info@diamondwirecuttingservices.com
Phone: +1 (415) 424 9934 
Fax: +1 (415) 424 9934